Starting a faith conversation or turning a conversation towards Jesus may appear to be overwhelming, but don’t worry this article will help.

First, let’s assume you can make conversation. Not spiritual conversation, just general conversation. If you have that under control, you are in the prime place to turn the conversation towards Jesus.

Here are 3 quick steps to turn a conversation toward Jesus:
Establish Trust — Show that you care
The old saying: “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care” hugely comes into play here. Listening builds trust. In conversation listen firstly to ‘what’ people are saying and secondly to ‘why’ they are saying it.
Show Empathy — Ask deeper questions
Empathy is connecting with a person’s situation and trying to understand how they might be feeling. You can do this by asking questions like: “How has this made you feel?” or “Are you coping through this?” or “How has this affected you?”
Slide Jesus into the conversation.
Once you have established trust and shown empathy you are in the prime position to slide Jesus into the conversation. Not in a bait-and-switch kind of way, but in a normal and natural way. You can do this by sharing how you got through a similar situation, and explain how God helped you through it, or you could offer to pray that He would come through in their situation.

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