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What you are about to hear is a message that requires you to pray for understanding because it’t nothing but life transforming. The twenty one days we read in the bible that Daniel prayed and fasted was not for anything else but to have revelation and understanding. Unless we understand the heart of God we will never be able to understand ourselves; the day you understand who He is, the day you who he is, is the day you understand who you are.

Emmanuel Makandiwa brings to light the subject of the mystery behind the open doors explaining how one can identify and make use of the door to their next chapter in life. Right now you have people that you are blaming for the doors that have been closed in your life and yet God is saying He has set an open door before you which no man can shut. When God says “Behold”, your failure to see the open door will render the open door useless.

The man of God Emmanuel Makandiwa goes in-depth with the subject and if yo are listen to him very careful, be guaranteed you will never be broke again in your life

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