Daniel 5 vs. 11-12

(vs. 11)This was the Queen talking to the King of Babylon; Beltshazzar and she reminded him that there was a man in his kingdom who has the Spirit of the Gods. By “Gods” she was referring to our God because she had no knowledge and she didn’t know him

God has a very powerful principle; He does not keep His Spirit with Himself. What makes Him to be God is His potential and ability to share His Spirit. And even after sharing His Spirit, He still remains God.

I want you to understand how the anointing of God works. The Spirit of God is not always with God; it is in God’s people. When we talk about the giving heart and the generosity of God it does not only involve Him giving us His own Begotten Son but also Him giving us His Spirit.

God is very generous and what you need to do is to discover something in God and desire for it. You then have to ask for it and you will receive it.

Discover what is in God; know what it is and desire it. Ask for it and you will receive it.

I believe that God is not really happy with most of the requests that He has been receiving from us. People really do not know what to ask from God. There is a position in God that qualifies you for any other position you would want in life. Remember what Jesus said to the Samaritan woman; the Father is searching for those that can worship him in spirit and in truth. He seeks for such.

There is a group of people that God is still searching for until today; those that when they worship, they worship in Spirit and when they talk to Him, the talk in the Spirit and when they sing, they sing in the Spirit.

(vs.11) …”Light and understanding and wisdom, the wisdom like the wisdom of the Gods”

These three thing s were found in this man and the reason why the Queen said “…of the Gods” is because there was too much power in Daniel so she thought that for each power he had, there was a god responsible for it.

My prayer is for you to become like Daniel. You must have the Spirit of God in you!

Nebuchadnezzar made Daniel to become the Master over witches and magicians. The anointing in Daniel did not destroy the other offices of witchcraft; he was put above them so that when they exercise their witchcraft, they do it below him.  You, as a child of God, can also attain that position! It is an anointing that places you above serpents and scorpions. You will be placed above the wicked and demonic activities in your generation. It is a level where you become immune to deception and tricks.

As a child of God, it is not possible that you can have a major event coming ahead of you and not be able to pick it with your spiritual senses.  You must know it before it happens! Even at work or at your house, as a child of God you must be able to pick the presence of an intruder.

How do you become a master of the magicians?

Why do dreams require interpretation? Why would God give you a dream, and in that dream there is a warning but it is in a way that you cannot understand?

Some of you have dreams but you are no longer enjoying that experience because you do always fail to interpret the dreams.  God is appearing to us in dreams; warning us, advising us but we are failing to understand the dreams.

If you want to become a master in that dimension, you need to be taught on how to do it. Not every dream requires and interpretation because not every dream is complete. For some of you, God might require seven days for Him to completely give you one dream because you lack the capacity to remember and understand.

There is a creator behind most of the dreams that you are having. You are allowing magicians and witchdoctors to create dreams for you which are not Godly. If you receive a dream, you must know where the dream is coming from.

Your environment matters when you are having major experiences in the Spirit. Are you sensitive enough to hear what the Lord is saying?

I want you to create an environment where you begin to have significant dreams

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”Light and understanding and wisdom, the wisdom like the wisdom of the Gods”Emmanuel Makandiwa